Who We Are

Grolman LLP is home to Ira H. Grolman, Public Administrator for Suffolk County.

Ira has been appointed by the Governor for the purpose of administrating the estates of decedents who die without a will, leave property in Suffolk County, and have no known heirs in Massachusetts. Even in cases where there are known heirs, those heirs can defer to the Public Administrator to handle the probate of the estate. Public Administrators are charged with ensuring the deceased’s assets are collected and protected, and making certain that valid claims are paid, and that the remaining assets are distributed to the rightful beneficiaries.

Anyone can request that we open an estate. Often, people conducting research on their family tree may find a deceased relative who still owns property in Suffolk County, but whose estate was never probated. Even if the estate was probated and closed, an individual can request that we reopen the estate to probate newly discovered property. Elder care professionals, members of the clergy, or funerary professionals may become aware of the death of an individual without family but who died with assets. We can open these cases, track down the rightful heirs, and give the authority for burials. Even those who don’t have a personal connection to the deceased may bring matters to our attention.

We often pay for all court and related expenses initially. We are later reimbursed from the assets we recover.